A Walk in my Neighborhood

Pearce Deacon
2 min readSep 9, 2020

I went out for a walk in my neighborhood and I noticed something interesting. There were very few political yard signs up, but those few that were present were uniformly supporting Biden.


My neighborhood is usually very politically active, and a very conservative place too. I would say 90% conservative.

So what’s up with the Biden yard signs? Does this mean my neighborhood is tired of Trump and is going to pull that Big Democratic lever on November 3, 2020?

I don’t think so.

Conservative Trump supporters are refraining from posting their usual conservative yard signs because they are afraid. Unlike my Democrat neighbors who can express their political beliefs without fear of being attacked, my conservative neighbors are afraid that someone will vandalize their property, or worse assault and kill them and their family. Or perhaps simply vilifying them at work or in social settings because of their conservative political opinions?

Biden supporters have no fear of any conservative backlash against them… at least not personally for posting political yard signs supporting Biden. They are safe and secure with their Biden signs proclaiming their political beliefs even though they reside within an ocean of conservative neighbors. They are confident that no one will attack them and theirs in any way because of a pro-Democrat political yard sign.

Should the Democrats be happy about this? Should they be smug in their dominance of their meek conservative neighbors? Should they celebrate how they have successfully intimidated their timid and fearful foes?

Congratulations Democrats — you have terrorized your neighbors into silence! Your neighbors dare not mutter a word about their political beliefs let alone putting out a political yard sign, or even worse a pro-Trump bumper sticker. They probably still have payments on that car.

Question: Will this terrorism, that has so successfully driven pro-Trump yard signs from a very conservative neighborhood, proceed to terrorize those same frightened conservatives into voting for Joe Biden and the Party identified with bullying them?

We will see.