Long Live the Revolution!

Pearce Deacon
5 min readSep 1, 2020

This summer’s Marxist revolution involving BLM and ANTIFA (if you are interested in my opinion regarding the true nature of BLM and ANTIFA: The Ideologies of ANTIFA and BLM in a Nutshell) is part of an ongoing over-reaction to The Donald (or Orange Man Bad if you prefer) by the Leftist Elites (or the The Swamp or the Deep State — take your pick).

And it may very well be the undoing of them. But don’t start celebrating just yet. It may be the undoing of the rest of us as well.

During the last 50 to 70 years, the Marxists inside the USA have accomplished a non-violent ‘Long March through the Institutions’ and came out in control of the universities, the media (news and entertainment), the national and state government bureaucracies, big businesses, and they have gained effective control of the Democratic Party and a great deal of influence in the Republican Party. They are still a minority, but they control all the political tools of society. With Obama they took control of the national law enforcement and military hierarchy. If you were going to execute a coup those would be the levers of power you would want to seize control over. All the while the rest of us complained ineffectually and did nothing.

Then Trump was elected when he was supposed to lose to the Anointed One. The Elites were shocked.

How did it happen?

Unfortunately for the Elites they really did not make any sincere effort to answer that question. If they had seriously sought an answer they would have concluded that the election of Trump was more of an opposition vote against a particularly vile candidate and perhaps a vague knee-jerk reaction against a globalist set of policies that were impoverishing the working class. Instead of reacting calmly to to the setback… working to co-opt the inexperienced and unprepared Trump in an effort to neutralize him, they responded in a rather hysterical manner opposing him at all levels and seeking to remove him.

Instead of treating Trump as an anomaly caused by their over-reaching and heavy handedness — an anomaly that would most likely have passed as the restive masses who elected him resumed their supine positions after having a few bones thrown their way — our Elites decided to threaten their own hard won victories in the Long March and the Culture…