The Ideologies of ANTIFA and BLM in a Nutshell

Pearce Deacon
4 min readAug 17, 2020

Both ANTIFA and BLM have been in the news a lot lately, but very few people know what they are really about. I thought I would offer up this brief explanation.

Both ANTIFA and BLM are inspired by Leftwing Marxist teachings but they are not identical. ANTIFA is a ‘traditional’ Stalinist/Leninist Marxist revolutionary movement that seeks to create a Utopian Socialist state by creating a conflict between the working class and the capitalists through a class war. BLM is a Neo-Marxist revolutionary movement that seeks to create a Utopian socialist inspired world by creating multiple cleavages between races, ethnic groups, religions, and economic and cultural backgrounds through a race war. Both organizations seem similar in that they believe that for their Utopian visions of the future to take place the current system must be shattered and destroyed so that a new age of equality can begin.

The differences between ANTIFA and BLM are subtle but they are not insignificant.

Don’t be terribly surprised when you talk to your friends in ANTIFA and BLM and they do not share the above described ideological beliefs. Most Marxist movements do not spend a lot of time on ideological issues other than creating a basic belief system among followers that is inspirational and actionable. Most of the ANTIFA and BLM ‘activists’ you meet in the street know very little about their own movements. And that is how the leaders want it to stay.

Perhaps you would like to know more about the historical rise of these movements and more importantly the ideological underpinnings of both ANTIFA and BLM. I have tried to explain these things to people in the past only to see their eye’s glaze over. Most people are not interested in any of this stuff. Pity, I find it fascinating. I shall not attempt that here. If you are really interested feel free to do your own research!

Perhaps you don’t trust me — after all your friends in ANTIFA are talking about creating an anarchic state where people are free to do what they want when they want as they want with no one from the top telling anyone what to do, and your friends in BLM are telling you that its all about Black Lives and restitution and reparation of past wrongs. None of this Marxist stuff! Well again, feel free to go investigate on…